In our effort to offer customers an integral service we offer maintenance services for maintenance, loading arm, Hoses and other components.


We have different options of mantenance to adapt to the different casuistic of our clients:

Mobile maintenance workshop

For maintenance of hoses and loading arm. Services offered:

  • Visual inspection: of hoses, arm, fittings …
  • Hydraulic pressure test: to hoses or arms, according to the technical data sheet.
  • Elongation of the hoses
  • Electrical contingency test: according to BS 3492 part 10.7, method 1 – clauses 5 BS 5172
  • Repair and replacement of hoses: if any hose does not pass inspection we replace or repair it urgently
  • Certificate of pressure and recording of reports
  • Almacenes

Other services

FCS Gasso

FCS Facility Services

We can permanently dedicate a work team to our own facilities to regularly check and test hoses, arms, couplings, industrial electronics equipment or other products.

24 Hours Emergency

24-hour emergency services for Hydraulic's Hoses.

If you are interested in our maintenance services, let us know your casuistry and
Needs and we will send you a personalized proposal.