Fiscal Metering Skids

Gasso Metering has MID Certification, module B and D

Al the systems are engineered according OIML R117

Any kind of liquid can be measured, crude oil, condensate, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, LPG, liquid Sulphur, ammonia, propylene, bitumen, etc

Any kind of metering technology, PD meters, Coriolis, Turbines, and ultrasonic flowmeters. Could be integrated in our systems.

We offer complete skids, each of them tested in the factory with special liquid, test report included

Almost 300 skids in Romania, Libya, Kazakhstan, Iran, Jordan, Bahrein, Iraq, Congo, Algeria, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Turkmenistan

Metering Skids for Truck Loading

Metering Skids for Railway Wagon Loading (vapor recovery LA)

Metering Skids for special products (kerosene, bitumen, chemicals, LPG…)

Metering Skids for Marine Application

Metering Skids for Pipelines

Unloading Metering Skids Photo

Fiscal metering skids