Gassó Floating suction hoses


Gassoflex FR-D composite drain hoses are build into swivel box constructions as part of a submerged drain system for storage tanks with floating roof, to drain all water off the storage tank floating roof.

Gassoflex FR-S composite suction hoses are as the FR-D series but for use in suction lines of storage tanks where the quality of the product to exit is an issue like with JetA-1 and Avgas.

The Gassoflex FR-D and FR-S series are specially designed for: submerged applications to give flexibility, durability and lightweight features to the drain and suctions systems, and are suitable for most aggressive products as 100% aromatics.

They are available in size from 3” up to 12”.

Standard Gassoflex FR-D and FR-S hose series layout

Working pressure: 14100 SST- 14 Bar

Test pressure: 2,75-40PSI w.water for 2 hours with

Mechanical test: 90º bending with no pressure

Temperature range: -30° C +120° C

Safety factor 5:1

Burst pressure 70 Bar-1015PSI

Material of Construction

Inner Wire: SS316/304-7 mm wire max.
Outer Wire: SS316/304-7 mm wire max.
Hose Inner Layer: Teflon- Fabrics
Reinforcement: Layers of PP Films and Tubes
Outer Cover: Custom Treated PVC- White Color
Fitting: Carbon steel with stud-end.

Ferrule: SS316
Stub End Carbon steel

Flanges 150 LBS fixed in Carbon steel
welded to stub-end.

Method of Attachment: Permanently Swaged

Certification: All Gassoflex composite hoses are manufactured in accordance to EN 13765, EN 13766: 2010 and BS5842-1980 standards, tagged for
identification and supplied with Test Certificates.

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