About Us

Gassó Equipment is a company of manufacture and distribution of integral solutions for the industry. We currently market our products to more than 90 different countries with leading clients in their sectors, adapting to the regulations and casuistic of each territory. We offer an integral service to the client: design, manufacture, transport, installation and maintenance of the product.

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About Gasso

We are specialized in the industrial supply of hoses and loading arms, as well as pipes and components related to the conduction of liquids, abrasives, pastes, semi-solids and gases. We also have a division of electronic solutions for the automotive sector. With these products Gassó Equipment is a manufacturer and distributor of integral solutions focused on the industrial sector, offering manufactured components, designed by our own team of engineers, and supplying a varied repertoire of products for maintenance. Our wide range of products covers the needs of multiple sectors: from the chemical industry, through the pharmaceutical, food and automotive sectors. Liquid, gas? A fluid, at last. And our customers need to take it from one point to another. Certainly, on time, complying with the necessary regulations, as advised by an expert.