Our Head Office is located in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain) very close to the Barcelona Airport and the port of goods.

In addition to the main office, we also find our engineering and design team, as well as one of the manufacturing plants of our products: Gassoflex Hoses and Loading Arms.

Gasso Equipment

Industrial Polígon Can Calderón
C /. Murcia, 35, Nave C
08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat. (Barcelona)

Tel: (0034) 936 529 800
Contacto: gasso@gasso.com
  • Sede Gassó

Our Delegations

Gassó Madrid

Gassó Madrid

Polígono Industrial Cobo Calleja C/. La Vecilla 11

Tel: (0034) 916 422 221
Gassó Portugal

Gassó Portugal

Praceta Emídio Santana Zona Industrial Casal Do Marco Lote 13 B 2840
-588 Paio Pires

Tel: 00.351.21.2267850
Gassó Zona Norte

Gassó Zona norte

Polígono Industrial Akaborro B11 31860 Irurtzun (Navarra)

Tel: (0034) 948 506 247
Gassó Tarragona

Gassó Tarragona

Polígono Industrial Constantí Carrer Regne Unit nº 2 43120 Const
anti Tarragona

Tel: (0034) 977 545 755

Gassó Sevilla

Parque Empresarial Pisa
C/ Balance 46, 41927
Mairena del Aljarafe, Sevilla

Tel: (0034) 607047356

Gassó BV Rotterdam


Our Factories

Gassó Barcelona


Manufacture of hoses, loading arm and solutions for the automotive industry



Manufacture solutions for tankers.