155 years of history

In 1862 the first rubber products manufacturing company Gassó was founded, in Spain by Juan Gasso i Marti

From 1940 Jordi Gassó decides to specialize in the commercialization of these products and it is then when the first store opens, in the heart of the Ramblas in the Plaza del Teatro 25, in Barcelona

From the seventies to the present, the country has undergone profound transformations and Gasso has also evolved and transformed itself according to the evolution of the industrial sector, sometimes as a Manufacturer, as distributor of the first brands of the market especially in the sector of hoses.

Concern about the invasion of the internal market by highly competitive foreign products highlighted the need for a conversion of our industry. In this new situation Gasso decides again to return to its initial origins starting the manufacture of technical hoses and also of loading arms and accessories with a special focus for the industry of Petrol Oil and the Chemistry but without forgetting the Automotive sector in which Gasso also has been and is a referent

At present, Gassó is still a 100% family-owned company that is highly specialized in these sectors, performing maintenance and maintenance services integrated in different national plants.

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